Anatole Pierre Fuksas, PhD


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photoAnatole Pierre Fuksas

Università degli Studi di Cassino
Dipartimento di Linguistica e Letterature Comparate
Via Bellini 1, 03043 – Cassino (FR)

Born in Roma in 1968, he had is his PhD in Romance Philology and Medieval Culture at Università di Bologna «Alma Mater» in 1997 and his degree in Romance Philology at Università di Roma «La Sapienza» in 1993.
His research interests focus on the textual tradition of medieval french novels. The late results of his actual researches on Textual Perception and Narrative Action have been discussed at the workshop «For a Theory of the Novel of the 21st Century», Stanford University, Center for the Study of the Novel, april 20-21, 2007. He is also involved in research projects concerning the origins and the tradition of modern romance lyrics from provençal troubadours to Petrarca.
He published some 20 scientific articles on national and international academic journals. His feature book about toponomastics in troubadour lyrics (Etimologia e Geografia nella Lirica Trobadorica) has been published in 2002. The one about Petrarca’s Canzoniere he edited in collaboration with Carla Chiummo (L’esperienza poetica del tempo e il tempo della storia. Studi sull’opera di Francesco Petrarca) has been published in 2006.
He conceived and published the journal of Romance Philology and Comparative Literature «Antico Moderno» (1995-2001) in collaboration with Fabio Massimo Bertolo, Paolo Canettieri and Carlo Pulsoni. Lately he planned and published the open-access online journal «Rivista di Filologia Cognitiva» (jan. 2003- ) in collaboration with Paolo Canettieri. Moreover, he actually works as an editor for the International Journal «Critica del Testo».
He coordinated the research program on «Lyrics and Verse Novel in medieval France: words and thenmes» («Lirica e romanzo in versi nella Francia medievale: repertorio tematico e lessicale») at Dipartimento di Linguistica e Letterature Comparate dell’Università di Cassino, as a branch of the national project on «Biblioteca e strumenti della lirica romanza dalle origini al XIV secolo» (cofin MIUR 2004). Within the same research program, he coordinated the workshop on «Words and Themes in the French Medieval Novels» («Consistenza lessicale e articolazioni tematiche del romanzo medievale», Gaeta oct. 2006).
Since 1998-1999 he works at Università degli Studi di Cassino, where he teaches undergraduate, graduate courses and doctoral seminars about the origins of romance languages and literatures, linguistics and textual tradition of medieval french novels and medieval poetry since provençal lyrics to Petrarca, early castillan spanish epics. Since 2006 he is involved in the scientific board of PhD in Italian Studies of Università degli Studi di Cassino.
He developed previous national experiences into cultural journalism (Il Manifesto, 1990-1996), fiction editing (Niccolò Ammaniti Branchie, 1994) and writing (Parsifal, 1994), screenwriting of feature movies (Piano 17, 2005) and TV shows (Distretto di Polizia 1, 2001).


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